Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Organizing a Desk

A Practical Organized Teen Desk

trash bags, bags for items to give away, plastic tubs, cleaning cloth

How to Easily Clean Your Desk
1. Begin with the top of the desk. Then systematically open each drawer and decide it the item is trash, to give away, to save or currently to be used. Only handle each item one time. Once you pick up an item it goes into:

Trash bags

Bags to Give Away
2. Keep only the commonly used, or unique items in a designated space to the side.
3. Use the trash bags as much as possible.
4. Give away things to someone who will use them.
5. Store items that you may want to look at very rarely or have as a keepsake.
6. Start with clearing the top, then wipe it down, then clean out each drawer and wipe it down. Then replace items you are keeping.

Organizing Items

1. This desk has the top of the desk and 5 drawers. When organizing the items you are keeping, visual yourself using the desk. The top right drawer has small items that are fun. The top left is a remote and ear plugs. The bottom three from left to right are small notes, pencils/pens/markers/etc. The middle drawer is for larger papers, notebook paper, etc. and the final drawer has items that are bedtime.

2. The top of this desk actually has more items on it than I recommend, but again, it is unique to the person. I believe in simplicity. This desk has lights, photographs, a tin for small items, a pencil sharpener and encouraging stones. Remember you are going to be bringing work to this desk. Keep free as much space as possible.

3. Make the desk inviting so that work is more pleasurable and productive.

Your Organized Desk

Happy Organizing in 2015!