Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First Steps

In beginning this blog, I find it to be exhilarating, terrifying, eye opening and life giving. For years I have thought about writing blogs, books, posts, or articles to express concepts, passions, information or ideas that I have encountered along my journey. Today, I read a blog by Jill Bellomy, a long time friend of mine, who is a middle school librarian. She inspired me to begin my own writing. I feel this was the final inspiration that I needed to begin to share a part of me that up until this point I have not. When reading her blog I felt proud of Jill, this brought me to beginning my journey of blogging with pride as I take my first steps. I hope my blogs will nudge you too, in your own desires, to begin to take the first step to doing what YOU want to do. It could be in physical feats such as  walking, running or yoga, writing, reading, goal setting, a new adventure, setting a meeting, calling a loved one, forgiving, or using an artistic skill. As I start my first steps of blogging, I hope you will consider taking your first steps in your new direction. I think back to when my twins were first learning to walk. I believe it gives insight into how different we are as individuals. Baby A chose to sit back, relax and to watch happily as Baby B chose to struggle, fight, claw, and force learning to walk for months. As Baby B would laugh, cry, scream, giggle, and fall down to test out his new walking legs, Baby B would be present, sit, roll around, suck his thumb and relax. One day Baby B takes his first steps across the room. He smiled in relief and in joy. He looked to Baby A with pride. Baby B smiled with pride for his younger brother, and calmly stood up, easily balanced himself and confidently took his first steps. You, like me, may be more like either Baby A, Baby B or a mixture. It doesn't really matter as long as you are beginning your path, your walk, your life, your destiny. Happy First Steps!

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