Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bridging Life During the Holidays After Divorce

Life during the holidays is hectic for everyone. The most important point I would like to share is that although the holidays can be a reminder of the results of divorce, they also are the perfect time create a positive new beginning. This is a photograph that I took. This bridge illustrates a positive way each of us can use to move from our past to our future.  After divorce, each family needs to reestablish support systems, and rely on friends and family. Often some of your relationships you had during your marriage end.  This is a time to ask for help. Plan times to see the ones you love and who love you. It is important to avoid isolating yourself if possible. Building a bridge of support or relying on the support you already have in place is essential. A support system is a netting that is there to hold you, to catch you and to support you. A support system could include:
Counselor/Psychiatrist/Medical Doctors
During the next 6 days, make an effort to reach out to others who need a Thanksgiving plan. If you do not have plans, reach out to your support system to make plans to that you are not alone. 

Below is a calendar I use in my home to remind us to be thankful. It can be easier to focus on the sadness, depression or negative outcomes from divorce. Having each family member write a thankful card on the calendar encourages a thankful heart. I get 
ours out each November. I know that we have about a week until Thanksgiving Day. I encourage each of you to take one moment each day to write down something for which you are thankful. I also encourage you to share it with your children or someone in your support system. 
I did not blog in October and November, because I have been redoing my website. I hope you will find it to have informative information. 

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